Friday, January 31, 2014

January Ends at 231

The first month of my Arizona Big Year draws to a close.  I have managed to see 231 species of birds thus far in Arizona, well on my way to exceed 400 species in 2014.  So far at least 306 species have been reported to eBird, an unknown number of those reported may be unconfirmed and/or not countable, however I use this for my benchmark.  I have been to a few places I have never been before and several other places that I rarely go.  And I have seen one new state bird, the Bell’s Sparrow.  More importantly I have a long way to go.  For the last few days I have been playing catch-up and not really planning what I need to do next.  I need to plan a trip to northern Arizona however the rewards are still small for the effort.  With less effort, relatively speaking, greater numbers of less valuable additions to my list may be had.  Whatever I do, I need to do it sometime before I get consumed with spring guiding.
A day-by-day summary of birding activities will follow.  My intentions were to post a blog every day or so, however I gotten overwhelmed.

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