Tuesday, March 18, 2014

AZ Big Year - Week Ten

5 February 2014 Wednesday:  Today I was guiding Dinah from Toronto Canada.  I picked her up at the Chuparosa B&B early and we immediately headed out.  Her main targets were Montezuma Quail and Black-chinned Sparrow with secondary targets of Crissal Thrasher & Rufous-capped Warbler.  Sounds like a recipe for Florida Canyon.  Unfortunately, Florida Creek was not being cooperative.  Due to heavy rain storm a few days prior, Florida Creek was running full.  The first crossing near the parking lot left us with wet feet.  The water at the second crossing beyond the metal gate was too deep and fast.  So we aborted our efforts for the warblers.  The sparrow and the thrasher were not to be seen this morning. Florida Canyon was quiet.  We headed back to Madera Canyon; walked from the Whitehouse Picnic Area to Proctor Road & back, looked around the Madera Picnic Area, then the Santa Rita Lodge, Madera Kubo, and back to the Chuparosa.  All quiet. Two birds saved the day; a Townsend's Solitaire along Proctor Road and a Painted Redstart near the Whitehouse Picnic Area.
6 February 2014 Thursday:  Kennedy Park, Columbus Park - female Wood Duck
7 February 2014 Friday:  half-day Madera Canyon valentine gift
8 February 2014 Saturday:  black-hawk, zone tail
9 February 2014 Sunday:  Florida & Madera BCHU
10 March 2014 Monday: Florida & Madera Canyons with Jay LUWA
11 March 2014 Tuesday:  I had planned to head to Patagonia this morning to pick up a few new species for the year. I changed plans based on what I have planned for guiding the following day.  So I stayed home and cleaned house in the morning – no birding.  In the afternoon George West and myself culled through my hummingbird photos looking for some that may be suitable for his hummingbird identification book.  In the evening I went up to Madera Canyon and heard Elf Owls & Whiskered Screech Owls at the Amphitheater Parking Area & Common Poorwills along Proctor Road.

At the end of this week I’m at 272 species for the year.

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